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name: Anew

political views: creative respectfull accountability.

religious views: behavioral welfaire


fiction writer hmmfh hempalaf Interested in writing articles that encompass only the good from all created sectarian religions for a non-sectarian church known as The Church Of Abstencia. new accountable & rejuvenative biography daily :) ^ in rite will of ^ Naturah


order,exactness, friendlily's,inspiritive creativity and ^ Naturah

favorite music:

of recent catharticly I just like The Downward Spriral And the archaic Nirvana Music, i haven't the drunkeness to enjoy emotionally relative music of standard feudal, lies

favorite movies:

they're mostly ocular and sensative with minor vital lust

favorite tv shows:

same as above/ prefer cartoons

favorite books:

nice variety

favorite video games:

The Trainers Party Too Life

favorite nine inch nails album/song:

I just like NIN:)

favorite sexual position:

anyones answer. i guess my favorite sexual position is being me.

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