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I enjoy fairness and accountability. For some reason, I have been halted from standard this site. I guess it may be aspect of site ?renewal. From affinity since youth.. of natural value and happenstance I have known Michael Trent 1 & 2, yet in friendly acquaintence. by chance it was we met midst & by others including Kurdt Cobain in 1983 or 4ish... two evenings at a Washington d.c. brotheldance bar, such was friendly occasion:). Since then on my behalf there was really no relation or in most decree no attachment or contact,and by chance I was so occupied that I never even seen a Nirvana show other than in my town 1975ish.(that most people are in denial of)..Yet felt blessed to be able to manage to have seen a NIN show in d.c. last year, as it is I'd never gotten to see one before. one often forgets things like 1975 ish and 1983 based on life variability's and importances. I am n't one of any propulsive condition..and have been busier than dwelling upon my friendly acquaintences Michael the 1st 2nd and 3rd for the greater majority of my life. By happenstance Michael Reznor the 2nd and I met in 2007..he and I rather have stayed with one another that day for regular working friendship (is kindof simple practical on my behalf to gander such, that's all it is--yet such was strewn away from us..Michael Reznor the 1st is married to Mrs. Maandig such is very nice. Seemingly things work out fairly, a great shame that Michael Reznor the 2nd hasn't been able to have freedom of space and time for himself, obviously, for he would have sent me a pm by now. ANd for beings to coaf around thinking I'm some kind get in your pants and money type of chick, of delusion of some kind. considering my common scence relative to Trent Renzor the 2nd, & my natural affinity for one other, is an idiocracY- to gander me as some fleeting irrelevance. ANd the relevance concerning shouldn't be slanderous for such is harmful to the purveyor and the receiver. By happenstance I saw Kurdt a few weeks ago, yet as with Michael reznor the 2nd, the short moment of greeting nicety was voyuerized and what may have been his preference to have daily accord with me for as he likes was distorted as Micheal Reznor the 2nd's opportunity for such; Considering we are all much elder now and the superficiality's really are far from holding a while back by now.. I without demand or authority look forward to practical basics, as such is semblance of whom I am. ------ fiction:new bees were made considering my integrity recently where a herons egg was fellen I had been strolling by a house for sale I was visiting off a street named Chateau...bees were made there lots them last year and there is too much bother on me & it seems the naturality of bee houses a great niceity of them,have been disturbed by beings channeling circle skrubble on computer directively- and at me therefore a messier winter than can have been. with variable destroyed so called bee hives... o" well just someone elses other .mistake


simple & .naturalaw

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:) I'd like to write a book involving the subject matter of behavioral ethics.

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maybe i will invent a nice one someday

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