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location: ghosting around.

occupation: inventor of Thou Art doesn't exist.

political views: structurist absolutionist.

religious views: somehow 'listen' ning past the fiction.


lately this fiction: Declaritive Nemesis: As a fifteen yr. olde young Janie met a man named Tamal 4 yrs older at a night crawler bar. He'd asked to marry her, she couldn't at the time due to her age. they romantically said goodbye. a subtle nemesis entered her life a haunting. it led to a humor of various methods of escapism whilst fulfilling normatives in trust. the escapisms wear, could be afforded younger. Moreso infiltrating through the years, their subtle subconscious challenging freedom of conscience. Once driving in sadness of lifes normal continuing strange lonely yet so called normal listening & turning off the band whitesnake Janie considered of Tamal. She thought of his gold necklace, crying knowing that there perhaps be no other friend, for it was at their meeting that the fairie nemesis became evident. though he be far somewhere and probably successful in life. she chose to defer from thinking of him or his gold necklace. By happenstance they met when she was 38 by day, and the nemesis ruined what simple of at least friendship that can have been. And the mammoth imagery begin nowhere her mind of that day kurdt cobain angrily slicing a watermelon in half mammoth in that night sky. and the of Thereafter the feared' scientific company, liked to draw her even farther from her essence her trust. life became a lonely mess, and the way they had at her everyday mimicking and tendancing nonadequacy didn't even allow a domestic pet anymore. She worked to care normal, most escapisms no longer o.k. and the tendency upon made her typified as mental ill. she knew they'd go away in comfort of people they thrive on agenda. yet it all seemed yippie and rodeo rollercoaster. their tendency wasn't worth dying for, nopse not with heaven at a squint right in front of your nose. ?why didn't they have compassion for their hardships end instead of bruising days. Janie cried about their presence.. stealing virtuous time and life. leaving need' for agendic emotional addict opinion which was more of a suffocating away. something they wouldn't stop. her lust for life was so pagented in a lot of ways. even with invent of words for lifeingly anywhen.yet these creators of apathy will do what they will. she prayed that their tendencing would end. Janie didn't like seeming as a marionette juste of normal freer agenda. juste a little more breathing space not this coming down harder. no more. And she'd breed for it end.


click pens and paper destroying deficit. loyal to words and creation of benefice words. Lately i like the interest of the words:Ample, Enamor, Quantitative, Qualitative, Alchemy, Quintessential,& Amor. );

favorite music:

of the flirtatious invitation of author autograph from 2007 a most beautiful man' A Writer' I sidewalked faintly away .stunted, the computer provided a picture in 2009 of the that day gee t'was Mr. Reznor scrips for flying ink and disbelief.

favorite movies:

poets walk and few. i'm glad NIN taste was invited into cinema, so often soundtracks demand emotional/ guidance, juste me laughing in the theatre of NIN ascenscion talent. funny seeing a movie for the taste.

favorite tv shows:

wikipedia, visiting here : looking up Francois Rene de Chateaubriand the portrait they show looks too near sir Reznor & Very Very smart too ..can makes one meander to think of previous lifetimes, he liked juliette recamier interesting too.

favorite books:

kinda the Tao Te Ching & an eat healthy book.

favorite nine inch nails album/song:

I like the philotheosophisticabsolutionism represent H.M is brilliant.

favorite sexual position:

being a sexologist.

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