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this is just writing..since I haven't private message access.. I could bother to effort to see if I could change my so called membership name just to see if I could, Yet I'd rather not. Any how.. Just to write: It is practical perspective that the 'direction (!?guidance) of the two representing lead singers (literally two Trents) of NIN leaves discomfort & unresolved state. it isn't really o.k. for, the singers,lyrical art,musicians,it's just better for business, and their kind audiences would be relieved. Everyone would be relieved from the apparent difference to be made a public honesty. * getting honest late is better than standing irresolution, concerning the matter. good creates a natural continuum of good, it's just fact of life. '''''''''ah now today:2/9/15 !this internet site really still has work to do, the so called staff sent me a new passcode''Yet the passcode-cFdY2ZeA doesn't allow me to say 'ehllo here..therefore :) I'm amn't quite a member yet a visitor, that can only write in this 'About Me: place. guess I will be glad enough to do the staff a favor and send them an e-mail,seemed they thought it'd work. [to change the topic of writing''''''''It is terrible I am harmed by 'sound/and harm of hateful peoples echoing midst my days, with their damn voyeurism.. '''''I spake with a nice friend of mine about the idea of creating a legal social service group to """End Voyuerism"""(it's a great idea, I should write to:Nancy Willard noted writer of a recent cyber safety book & see if people there can help because nobody in Rockville Md. where I live will admit that it's a problem. My idea to help people would include a "'Victims of Neglect Help' Service, kind of awareness and coping groups for people whom are victim of the traumas that voyeurism concurs., and their family's.. of course with knowledge that knowing of choosing the consciousness that the variable harms inclusive of voyeurism, the knowledge that the liferape that voyeurism involves and sort of is midst it's representation shouldn't exist.. the 'help groups would be giving of healthy perspective to be of instead of lesser means of coping. ?It still seems the Clinton administration may have been bothered by them too, and apparently Obahma came to Rockville, Md. and may have liked to address the matter as well, hmmm.. A've a nice Daaaaay.


behavioral ethics all my life

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I like NIN, i wouldn't visit if i didn't.

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