is a 47 year old smarty-pants from getting by.

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age: 47

gender: Female

location: getting by

orientation: Straight

relationship status: Single and looking

occupation: Recovery Cafe exists

political views: factist

religious views: solutist


^Let's play a new game^ Semantic Playground: what if you couldn't say he, she, him or her, you,us or we, they or them anymore and you had to say ihm or ones name (s): it would be dignity, humour and romance...........essentially..biochemical fix.. And you couldn't say good morning you had to say good is ...Found In Virtue: can your me visit me later. my me loves me it doesn't run away. how did I get in the air, I don't like just being a shell. I prefer to conceive in virtue. that's how me loves me essentialy. virtue doesn't get boring. somethings moving too fasttttt. i'm in the air again. I will find me in virtue.[[[[[[[[[[[[ happiness is supposed to be a constancy. what are the demands behaving like a .tv character so serious that happiness isn't a constant. The demands are of & by clutter and drama. Where are all the mature adults.......some never think as to what maturity is. The tattoo ring is a contract that life is good and god. Namaste with drama in its place of fair humour there's no need for discontent. Happiness is supposed to be aconstancy for everyone,,,,so many different levels of love. To rise above the body of life is to care for the body of life. It's just a different compatability....happiness is a constancy.


i apologize for all the excess shitty writings..i went computerland.

favorite music:

something from nothing, nothing that is, all that is , is not is.

favorite movies:

poets walk and Dreams by Akira Kurawasu and few.

favorite tv shows:

pondering the word gratified, quality's of nourishment,the synchronatic, allowance,nonattachment ,ascenscion & the principle differences of liquor lace,and the fake freedoms of life and realism as solutist.

favorite books:

zen books, reflexology books, of recent a french book by Francois Chateau Briand...he looks like Trent on Wiki.

favorite video games:

one called semblance

favorite nine inch nails album/song:

all- the dancy part of hesitation marks sounds like the click of a pen

favorite sexual position:

being a sexologist.

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