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religious views: solutist


I was borne in 1969. I do and don't look like the picture of me on the left. O' well.time flies dies in transit . Am mostly normie aside from my sobriety:)a writing// Lost Cause//.. I was divorced in January of 2007 due to the husbands marijuana habit becoming too inviting. I was met by Trent Reznor clicking his pen towards me on a sidewalk at a shopping centre in the spring of 2007. I thought I knew him from before, thought he was now a freelance writer god. we danced a dance of diamonds a shimmer that can't be copied until his autographee's needed his service. seems I recognized him from 1985, we'd known each other at a bar in D.C. we spake then together as if we were speaking English for the first time. I knelt passing love beside him as he was signing autographs, and at the thump of my heart felt faint and left the scene as if I were never there. Thought he'd smell my smoke, my indian song from nearby & stay.. he couldn't. Two nights later I saw a vast image of Kurdt Cobain frustratedly mad that that love missed slicing a watermelon in half in my devastated night sky. I guess none of it really matters anymore. yet it is common to be attached to such profundity. apparently Trent Reznor is much more than a freelance writer.. I liked his hair that day [I guess he liked it too, one could see a picture of he & his hair of fire online]. the attachment should fade someday into a pretty past story that doesn't really matter. it's just the astral.....i invented this word mongst others a while back it's really nice'///// *secrate*: dignity.//: Kissing with Birdsong////////////////another writing: What Was: walking out of a store and stopped by the click of your pen. it was trust at first sight. the click that startled me was only a pen from a beautiful man. and we danced a dance of diamonds to the curb of the sidewalk. apart & open. you sniffed the air as a guide. I was dancing in our dance in the sky and saw the autographees and I had angst for them and could no longer find the love we had. I was going to join the end of the line yet had to pee first. I couldn't walk past you after the love we shared I turned and sat beside you channeling years of love veiled by awareness of angst then I felt my heart thump felt faint and needed some time. now it's been 9 years and there's acclaim of me in the music..the astral shook my earth as I stood with legs apart to deny it. you felt me go & leave good day. would you look for me was panned. something a friend would do. one needed a rest after such an occasion. wouldn't I show up sooner. the astral made things difficult and I hadn't known whom you were until I found your picture taken midst our day on the internet. Upon entry here in 2009 I found that you had a marriage. I stayed apart running for years maybe I'd meet someone like you.. no chance. then I reached my dead end and remember our shimmer and easy trust and think that our love should no longer be denied. it's in the music like fine wine. I think what we can be is more important than common types of realism.//Copper: I've been echoing my love for years here. now the halo picture of me is enough. I you should want to contact e-mail is


hoping to get my status here back if when the site changes, i apologize for all the excess shitty writings..i went computerland shoulda stuck with juste Rilke translations.

favorite music:

something from nothing, nothing that is, all that is , is not is.

favorite movies:

poets walk and few.

favorite tv shows:

pondering calmness of breadth, cognizance, quality's of nourishment,the synchronatic, allowance,nonattachment,infinite holding as Lifeingly ,ascenscion & the principle differences of liquor lace,and the fake freedoms of life and realism as solutist.

favorite books:

zen books, reflexology books, of recent a french book by Francois Chateau Briand...he looks like Trent on Wiki.

favorite video games:

one called semblance

favorite nine inch nails album/song:

all- the dancy part of hesitation marks sounds like the click of a pen

favorite sexual position:

being a sexologist.

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