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I was borne in 1969. O' well.time flies dies in transit . Am mostly normie aside from my sobriety:)a writing// Lost Cause//.. I was divorced in January of 2007 due to the husbands marijuana habit becoming too inviting. I was met by Trent Reznor clicking his pen towards me on a sidewalk at a shopping centre in the spring of 2007. I thought I knew him from before, thought he was now a freelance writer god. we danced a dance of diamonds a shimmer that can't be copied until his autographee's needed his service (I had angst for them). seems I recognized him from 1985, we'd known each other at a bar in D.C. we spake then together as if we were speaking English for the first time. I knelt passing love beside him as he was signing autographs, and at the thump of my heart felt faint and left the scene as if I were never there. The astral was mark'ed. Thought he'd smell my smoke, my indian song from nearby & stay.. he couldn't. Two nights later I saw a vast image of Kurdt Cobain frustratedly mad that that love missed slicing a watermelon in half in my devastated night sky. I guess none of it really matters anymore. yet it is common to be attached to such profundity. apparently Trent Reznor is much more than a freelance writer.. I liked his hair that day [I guess he liked it too, one could see a picture of he & his hair of fire online]. the attachment should fade someday into a pretty past story that doesn't really matter. it's just the astral.....i invented this word mongst others a while back it's really nice'///// *secrate*: dignity.//: Kissing with Birdsong////////////////Copper: I've been echoing my love for years here. now the halo picture of me is enough. If you should want to contact e-mail is Transient Weave: Slip into me: ////he was still enthusiastic about love so was she, they were grateful.//Transience. you wouldn't drink alcohol marry me James/////For Granted: Do you find yourself seeking love? Denied by operant, subjective, objective and mechanical love..Meet me in the nameless. Dualistic laughter So spent of conditions of tears of ignorance causing me to grieve. Life is a transient dream..that's the unconditional love. I am an embodyment of love anchored by integrity, trust and virtue. The denial will transmute in the dream unto subjective awareness.////Do you find yourself racing or neglecting for and of the rights of humanness../////Another Love Song: I'm still in love with our flight of fancy. Sadly I take it with me to potential new love. It's my daylove dead end. Couldn't it be you and I rekindeling what went angstly. It was so clean before broken went bleeding all over the place. I would have been your first wife if the time wasn't taken by the astral. Come sleep with me in the open dance it's wide and neverending in lust of life with you. The more the merrier break on through.My son has your eyes. Gone to mysticism before........ Love at first flight is still there beyond broken.Slip into me.again/// tattoo:stray cats are very greatful pets they like tattoo friendship rings and spending time outside. Good Greeting.and we float in the mystic of ever be


hoping to get my status here back if when the site changes, i apologize for all the excess shitty writings..i went computerland shoulda stuck with juste Rilke translations.

favorite music:

something from nothing, nothing that is, all that is , is not is.

favorite movies:

poets walk and Dreams by Akira Kurawasu and few.

favorite tv shows:

pondering the word authenticity and unconditional love for self, quality's of nourishment,the synchronatic, allowance,nonattachment ,ascenscion & the principle differences of liquor lace,and the fake freedoms of life and realism as solutist.

favorite books:

zen books, reflexology books, of recent a french book by Francois Chateau Briand...he looks like Trent on Wiki.

favorite video games:

one called semblance

favorite nine inch nails album/song:

all- the dancy part of hesitation marks sounds like the click of a pen

favorite sexual position:

being a sexologist.

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