is a free spirit trapped in a prison of social conformity.

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political views: nonviolent egalitarian perspective

religious views: nonviolence


!? someone have mine. guess you partied too much. ********************************* aside from such: I can't get a book written or published because of others greed.


all my life interestedin the beauty of ethics, nonviolence, caring to write a perfect behavioral betterment book, and a statistics book on the fail of surveillance upon human integrity. to be published for all to be more than what it hadn't needed to be.

favorite music:

when i can listen to music without being channeled to at or upon

favorite movies:

i did like Poet's Walk

favorite tv shows:

it's just too noisy

favorite books:

none in their entirety

favorite video games:

no thanks

favorite nine inch nails album/song:

I like NIN, i wouldn't visit if i didn't.

favorite sexual position:

!why bother

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