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occupation: inventor of Generations sober cafe/bar.

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religious views: listening past the fiction..


I was borne in 1969. I do and don't look like the picture of me on the aren't people, I seriously liked the photo of the flowers and bee and butterfly, turtle and tree better, yet I can't get it back O' well.time flies dies in transit . Am mostly normie aside from my sobriety:)a writing// Lost Cause//.. I was divorced in January of 2007 due to the husbands marijuana habit becoming too inviting. I was met by Trent Reznor clicking his pen towards me on a sidewalk at a shopping centre in the spring of 2007. I thought I knew him from before, thought he was now a freelance writer god. we danced a dance of diamonds until his autographee's needed his service. seems I recognized him from 1985, we'd known each other at a bar in D.C. we spake then together as if we were speaking English for the first time. I knelt passing love beside him as he was signing autographs, and at the thump of my heart felt faint and left the scene as if I were never there. Thought he'd smell my smoke, my indian song from nearby & stay.. he couldn't. Two nights later I saw a vast image of Kurdt Cobain frustratedly mad that that love missed slicing a watermelon in half in my devastated night sky. I guess none of it really matters anymore. yet it is common to be attached to such profundity. apparently Trent Reznor is much more than a freelance writer.. I liked his hair that day. the attachment should fade someday into a pretty past story that doesn't really matter. it's just the astral.....i invented this word mongst others a while back it's really nice'///// *secrate*: dignity. ..............a writing awarded for reading breathing somehow :) Aum :) I am one. spirited & strong as a tree. as a spring valentines flower.. I am lit by sunlight livingly. touched by nuturant rain. Survivalism as eternal spring beyond the springwintersnow. I am spirited. ascended of beggary & the fake prisons & fake freedoms of life. I am of liberty fear is no longer a permittance. It is that I am beyond limited consciousness. finished I am open & free in victory of the senses. temperate and considerate. I am home of the spiritual and spiritedness. ascended beyond limited consciousness of emotions wraths. a haven, a blanket, a heaven. midst friends of flowers wide..whom I recognize beyond sensualism. I am spirited. all is joy, joy is all & intelligence is wide.....Temperate and considerate. I am home. of ascended consciousness and am open melting solitude, seclusion and reclusiveness away in Christ & friends of flower wide. My love is washed. I am entertained by sunlight & the winds of this fortune. no longer chained by words, emotions or silences. no longer alone. friend in Christ and flowers wide. I am strong as a tree. temperate, considerate spirited and free I am and so are others free.//another writing: Path Of Diamonds:The subtle challenges my consciousness like hot lava. Sober I eventually think of you. If I'd never been an alcoholic I may have stayed single...Trusting in the synchronatic of meeting perchance again was the dream. that the love be true,, that we meet again came and went through the years & came with ignorance that god would help.....what a treat for surprise. I never get tired of the true you and I shared sober. To be spoken with as a human almost instructively......I should have accepted your invitation for a way I kinda did. yet I believed we to be dreammates only to meet again, and amazingly years later we did. the path of diamonds doesn't disappear. the lava hurts, maybe you'll see to see me.// another writing:*Frequency Of Love* thorough the song of worth. the definition of trust is worth. secrate I am of dignity, therefore trustworthy and fun. Midst the frequency of love I carry myself. To be in love is a state of being that never leaves if you don't want it to. thorough the song of worth.


hoping to get my status here back if when the site changes, i apologize for all the excess shitty writings..i went computerland shoulda stuck with juste Rilke translations.

favorite music:

i listen to nin for sobriety. and other music too.

favorite movies:

poets walk and few.

favorite tv shows:

pondering the principle differences of lay of liquor lace, and gaining on the words apprehension & temperance.

favorite books:

i like zen, eat healthy and reflexology books. the alcoholics anonymous book. of recent i have afrench book by Francois Rene Chateaubriand, he looks like Trent.

favorite video games:

one called semblance

favorite nine inch nails album/song:


favorite sexual position:

being a sexologist.

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