is a 26 year old rock star from Atlanta.

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member since: 12.01.07

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name: Johnny Blaze

age: 26

gender: Male

location: Atlanta

orientation: Straight

relationship status: Just got dumped and seeking immediate rebound sex

political views: Libertarian

religious views: Fuck religion



bio: I've been around for a while, played with haujobb in 2007, done remixes for Celldweller and Haujobb, and Architect, along with a solo electronic career straddling both electronic and rock boundaries.


see above

favorite music:


favorite movies:

forrest gump, blade runner, etc.

favorite tv shows:

the office

favorite books:

harry potter

favorite video games:


favorite nine inch nails album/song:

ruiner. duh.

favorite sexual position:

with you.