is a 32 year old geek from Los Angeles.

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member since: 11.15.07

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name: Rob Sheridan

age: 32

gender: Male

location: Los Angeles

orientation: Not gay, but I know how to party

relationship status: Engaged

occupation: Art Director for NIN & HTDA

political views: Very liberal

religious views: Fuck religion


I am Rob. I make things.



favorite music:

Michael Jackson.

favorite movies:

Sci-fi & horror.

favorite tv shows:

The Daily Show. The X-Files. Breaking Bad. Game of Thrones. Seinfeld. Modern Family. The Walking Dead.

favorite books:

Comic books.

favorite video games:

NES, SNES, and vintage arcade games.

favorite nine inch nails album/song:


favorite sexual position:

Excessive masturbation.