is a 24 year old lady from NYC.

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Trapped in a New York lavender scented laundry room. I refuse any kind of manual or intellectual labor as it would distract me from maintaining my high post count. Let's face it, as it is very unlikely that I will ever have a child, this accomplishment will be my legacy. I also show quite a disdain for the blue-collar class, as I would never lower myself to be a garbageman. But I mean, seriously, look at my photos. Is this the face you want to see digging through your trash? No, this is the face that needs to ride a horse on a beach at sunset.


Selfies in random locations with best neutral / killer expression.

favorite music:

Terrible metal bands with inaudible lyrics. KMOS92 debut single: "Ode to my dog"

favorite movies:

Mother don't let me watch movies.

favorite tv shows:

The Church Channel

favorite books:

Joan's daily column : "What Happened Today ?" I find it to be an insightful satire of the overwhelming sense of ennui of life in the 21st Century.

favorite nine inch nails album/song:

The Fragile

favorite sexual position:

I Shall Remain a virgin until Mother says so.