is a 21 year old hippie from Charleston SC.

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name: Susanna

age: 21

gender: Female

location: Charleston SC

orientation: Straight

relationship status:

occupation: Student

political views: False Consciousness...

religious views: Second Star to the Right


aim: SusannaW033

skype: SusannaW033



Shiny things, glowsticks, and concerts in humid summer fields contribute to the quality of my life. omg facebook me.


Cavalier Activities ;)

favorite music:

NIN, The Puppini Sisters, The New Pornographers, M83, Sigur Ros, MGMT, Van She, Battles

favorite movies:

Donnie Darko, Pan's Labyrinth, Peter Pan

favorite tv shows:

Planet Earth

favorite nine inch nails album/song:

Songs: Leaving Hope, Me I'm Not, Wish, March of Pigs, Only, Ghost IX, Ghost XXVIII, Right Where It Belongs, Survivalism, A Warm Place (original, and Stella Soleil mix); ------------Albums: Ghosts, Still (favorite).

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