is a 27 year old sith lord from pismo beach CA.

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name: roy

age: 27

gender: Male

location: pismo beach CA

orientation: Straight

political views: VOTE FOR BEAVIS!!

religious views: Christian


xbox live gamertag: RxSPINKS


I'm just living life one day at a time with the little i have been givin. it was once said life is 10 what you make it and 90% how you take it. When i first discovered NIN in an indie rcord store for the first time playing over the PA i was amazed at what i heard. i grew up in a smaller town and i felt like no one else listened to NIN or even knew who they were at the time so it gave me a feeling of it being exclussive for me at the time. TRENT's music got me through some of my hardest times in life, i felt like he understood me in a way that no one else did or could. I had an emotional connection with his music that i still have today.


Music, listening and creating

favorite music:

of course NIN (my fave). How To Destroy Angels, the horrors, a perfect circle, Tool, The Beatles, Deftones, fear factory, pantera, the doors, david bowey, Gary newman, crystal castles, combie christ, white zombie, ministry, the police, Depeche mode. etc..

favorite movies:

requiem for a dream,fear and loathing in ls vegas,bevis and butthead do america and most classic horrors and dark comedy's

favorite tv shows:

dont watch much T.V. but if i do its usually family guy or the simpsons or southpark or law and order SVU or pawn stars or animal planet or something along those lines.

favorite books:

23 minutes in Hell,necronomicon by H.R.Giger,the sacred mirrors. the Bible.and alot of documentary's and Biography's

favorite video games:

i enjoyed the quake and doom series. starwars battle front. wolfenstein.pretty much all id software. loved oblivion and fallout 3. mortal kombat was always fun. the classic Tron and most of the old arcade and atari classics.

favorite nine inch nails album/song:

the downward spiral and the fragil bring back so many feelings and memory's for me that i listen to them probably more then any other album,although i can enjoy them all and all of trents music blows my mind with his artistic geniouse mind.

favorite sexual position:

depends on the day,and i dont think theres a name for most of my favorites, i have invented a few of my own :)