is a dude.

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orientation: Straight

relationship status: Married with children

occupation: Im a killer...Really..They pay me to do it to

political views: Independent

religious views: Atheist


playstation network username: nin696 or II_IIININIII_III


Servery missing some new NIN music.


making money, raising my kids, and traveling the world

favorite music:

NIN / TOOL Is there anything else worth listening to??

favorite movies:

Dark Knight Trilogy, Ted, Fight Club, and Miami Vice.. Idly thou

favorite tv shows:

Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, SOA, Deadwood

favorite books:

Not Twilight

favorite video games:

Madden/ GTA5 Metal Gear Solid/COD

favorite nine inch nails album/song:

WITH TEETH..only,sunspots/THE SLIP..dicslipine,1,000,000,headdown/YEAR this twilight,vessel/TDS...earser,mr selfdestruct,becoming

favorite sexual position:

Come over to find out