is a 456 year old cuddly little teddy bear from the land of Ooo.

rank: member

member since: 11.29.07

forum posts: 8

contributions: 0 remixes, 19 comments

name: jake

age: 456

gender: Male

location: the land of Ooo

orientation: Furry

relationship status: Married with children

occupation: adventuring

political views: i'm a dog, you're a human

religious views: you're a human, i'm a dog


just a silly, stretchy dog, protecting the human. surely, yellow beats green! since when was chess a game for dogs, anyhow?!?


chow, dirt, adventuring, woof, cats, games, wolves. conveyor belts, cosmic owl, cows, chicken ranch, bicycles

favorite music:

coyote howl

favorite movies:

jaques cousteau

favorite tv shows:

my cat from hell

favorite books:

i ate your homework

favorite video games:

super mario sisters

favorite nine inch nails album/song:

wait... what's a nin?

favorite sexual position:

too cliché to list here.