is a 37 year old dude from Dirty Jersey.

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My name is Mike and I've been into music my entire life. I started buying records with Joan Jett and Pink Floyd, and have currently started getting back into vinyl. Other interests include video games, movies, tech, and being silly. Pic is coming. I have to take a newer one.


Making people laugh, computers, gadgets, music, movies, hugs, cats, good friends and beer.

favorite music:

Rock, Metal, with a sprinkling of ambient and classical. Sorry, no rap or country.

favorite movies:

Star Wars was a major influence on me. Pretty much any John Hughes film, James Bond, The Blues Brothers, Contact, Real Genius is an old fave, and probably more than I can count.

favorite tv shows:

TV has sucked since X-Files went off the air

favorite video games:

Quake ;) World Of Warcraft, Dreamfall, Final Fantasy VII and X, Halo, Marathon

favorite nine inch nails album/song:

All of them

favorite sexual position:

Yes, please!

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