is a 28 year old geek from Guadalajara.

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name: Emmanuel

age: 28

gender: Male

location: Guadalajara

orientation: Straight

relationship status: Single

occupation: Graphic Designer, Comic Book colorist

political views: Independent


Hi i´m Menny, graphic Designer and comic book colorist


Coloring, Design, Music, Movies

favorite music:

TOOL, NIN, APC, Misfits!, Led Zepplin, Rush

favorite movies:

The Acid House, kubrick and lynch movies

favorite tv shows:

The Ofiice, Rescue Me, The Simpsons, the Big Bang theory

favorite books:

1984, 100 años de soledad

favorite video games:

Mario Kart for Snes

favorite nine inch nails album/song:

The Fragile, Still, And All That Could Have Been