is a 31 year old geek from Houston, Tx.

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name: Joshua

age: 31

gender: Male

location: Houston, Tx

orientation: Straight

relationship status: In a relationship

occupation: obsequious bullshit!

political views: Anarchist

religious views: Agnostic



I am born, I live, and will one day, if I can't help it, die.


art, cinema and musak

favorite music:

loaded question there. industrial, black metal, folk, rock and a few other things here n there.

favorite movies:

flicks by del toro, fincher,gilliam, jeunet, burton, cameron, jackson(meet the feebles is fantastic) snyder(We're not going to talk about Suckerpunch tho), singer and some others I can't think of

favorite tv shows:

Wilfred, louis, rescue me, metalocaylpse, the closer, Adventure time(don't judge me yo)Archer and not much besides

favorite books:

Currently reading the collected Phillip K Dick

favorite video games:

Asura's Wrath right now. I mean, in what other game do you get to kick the crappola out of God?

favorite nine inch nails album/song:

hmm...pretty hate machine will always be number one.

favorite sexual position:

I have all of eternity to know your flesh

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