is a trekkie from dullsville, virginia.

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name: lesley decay

gender: Female

location: dullsville, virginia

orientation: Straight

relationship status: It's complicated

occupation: gamer girl

political views: Anarchist

religious views: Satanist

email: lesleydanielledecaytm@yahoo.com

website: http://www.myspace.com/lesleydanielledecaytm

blog: http://lesleydecay.tumblr.com

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my name is lesley. i'm a very strange homo sapien. i can't function without listening to slipknot daily. i will play any video game you give me. my literature is what keeps me going. my kitty precious means the world to me. i'm a sucker for long hair, tattoos, and piercings. i have a labret and double eyebrow, i will be getting many more body modifications soon. i'm a hair dye fiend, you will be shocked to find out that my natural hair color is blond. talk to me, i swear i won't bite.


acting, cosplay, reading, video games, xhtml/css/java/etc., photography, drawing, guitar, piano, lurking, anything british or german, cats, shootings, history, piercings, tattoos, donatello from the teenage mutant ninja turtles, the cheshire cat, etc.

favorite music:

slipknot, nine inch nails, kmfdm, rammstein, fly, incubus, garbage, the smashing pumpkins, taylor swift, the prodigy, stabbing westward, nirvana, radiohead, marilyn manson, ill niƱo, draco and the malfoys, the parselmouths, behemoth, we the kings, etc.

favorite movies:

pulp fiction, natural born killers, zero day, elephant, bang bang you're dead, the little mermaid series, king of the zombies, queen of the damned, strangeland, bowling for columbine, juno, white oleander, little shoppe of horrors, carrie, tamara, etc.

favorite tv shows:

the nanny, snapped, crime scene investigation, the fairly oddparents, the soup, ghost whisperer, casper's scare school, the bonnie hunt show, doctor who, star trek, oblongs, everybody hates chris, roseanne, king of the hill, tales from the crypt, etc.

favorite books:

vampire kisses series, harry potter series, ghostgirl series, generation dead series, blue bloods series, house of night series, demonata series, cirque du freak series, dexter morgan series, gamer girl, it's kind of a funny story, etc.

favorite video games:

the legend of zelda, mario party, silent hill, doom, ninja gaiden, super mario galaxy, diablo, quake, guitar hero, farmville, cafe world, tiki farm, tiki resort, farm town, fishville, petville, dawn of the dragons, etc.

favorite nine inch nails album/song:

HAPPINESS IN SLAVERY, something i can never have, i do not want this, lights in the sky, the perfect drug, march of the pigs, i'm looking forward to joining you, finally, the fragile, we're in this together, every day is exactly the same, etc.

favorite sexual position:

as if

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