is a 26 year old loser from EARTH.

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name: D'Washington Jefferson Cosby

age: 26

gender: Male

location: EARTH

orientation: Straight

relationship status: Single and looking

occupation: Worthless Millennial

political views: PIRATE

religious views: Just try, to be Be Good


I am often conflicted about how fucked everything is while being perfect at the same time and not being able to comprehend it.


Playing music. Making music. Listening to music. Monochromatic photography.

favorite music:

NIN. Les Claypool. Gary Numan. CAN. TOOL. FUNK for when I need to feel happy.

favorite movies:

Explosions. Porn. Kung Fury. Pulp Fiction.

favorite tv shows:

Its always sunny in philly. Hell OIn Wheels. Sports. Twilight zone. Porn

favorite books:

Porn..................... The Stand

favorite video games:

Elder scrolls, anything Rockstar, Starcraft, Diablo II

favorite nine inch nails album/song:


favorite sexual position:

face down ass up

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