is a 26 year old loser from On my computer.

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name: Creamer McSteve

age: 26

gender: Male

location: On my computer

orientation: Straight

relationship status: Single and looking

occupation: Worthless

political views: PIRATE

religious views: Just Be Good


I am often conflicted about how fucked everything is while being perfect at the same time and not being able to comprehend it.


Playing music. I feel like musicians are the only people who really understand me. When you can speak through music with each other, that is something special.

favorite music:

NIN. Alice In Chains. CAN. FUNK for when I need to feel happy.

favorite movies:

Explosions. Porn. Kung Fury. Pulp Fiction.

favorite tv shows:

Its always sunny in philly. Hell OIn Wheels. Sports. Porn

favorite books:

Porn..................... The Stand

favorite video games:

Elder scrolls, anything Rockstar, Starcraft

favorite nine inch nails album/song:

Eraser - In Two - Corona Radiata - et. al

favorite sexual position:

face down ass up

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