is a metalhead from your left testicle.

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member since: 5.06.12

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contributions: 18 remixes, 9 comments

gender: Male

location: your left testicle

orientation: Straight

relationship status: In a relationship

occupation: Vessel of Satan

political views: Fuck politics

religious views: Fuck religion

email: liquidnails7@yahoo.com

skype: Andrew Silver


xbox live gamertag: Godspine666

steam username: Godspine


I am the silencing machine. https://soundcloud.com/flesh-prisoner


Playing guitar, bass, keyboard, pretending I know what the fuck I'm doing with digital music programs

favorite music:

Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, Tool, KMFDM, Slayer, Nirvana, Alice In Chains, Depeche Mode

favorite movies:

The Lord of the Rings, The Matrix, Star Wars, Fight Club, Superbad

favorite tv shows:

South Park, Invader Zim, Family Guy, The Whitest Kids You Know

favorite books:

Z?, Johnny The Homicidal Maniac, Fillerbunny, Lord of the Flies, 1984, Feed, The Postmortal

favorite video games:

Halo, Resident Evil, Killzone, Fallout

favorite nine inch nails album/song:

The Downward Spiral, With Teeth, and The Fragile. My favorite remix album is Fixed. My favorite NIN song is currently The New Flesh (it changes every month or so, depending on the mood)

favorite sexual position:

Upset Camel