is a 28 year old free spirit trapped in a prison of social conformity from AZ.

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member since: 11.28.07

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age: 28

gender: Female

location: AZ

orientation: Bisexual

relationship status: Open relationship

occupation: attempting to survive

political views: Fuck politics

religious views: Fuck religion



xbox live gamertag: ruefulxkitten



favorite music:

Tegan and Sara, APC, HTDA, Garbage, Mindless Self Indulgence

favorite movies:

V for Vendetta, The Crow, Fight Club, Sucker Punch, Sweeney Todd

favorite tv shows:

Dexter, True Blood, The IT Crowd, Futurama, Better Off Ted, Blood+

favorite books:

House of Leaves, V for Vendetta

favorite video games:

Rock Band Blitz, Fable 3, Assassin's Creed

favorite nine inch nails album/song:

Gave Up, The Fragile, TDS