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name: DJ R-DOG

gender: Male

occupation: Sandwich Maker Extraordinaire

religious views: Fuck religion

email: Socomftbmstr@aim.com

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aim: Socomftbmstr@aim.com

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My Name is Ryan. I make music in FL Studio. I make sandwiches and I'm pretty boring.


FL Studio

favorite music:

NIN, Tool, APC, Shpongle, Electric Wizard, Plump DJ's, Ott, Ministry, System of a Down and some others i cant think of right now.

favorite movies:

Pulp fiction, Reservoir dogs, Goodfellas, Joe Dirt, Dude wheres my car, Scarface,

favorite tv shows:

Breaking bad, Sons of anarchy, Dexter, Weeds(Kinda), Chopped, How its made, Mythbusters, Through the wormhole, ancient aliens

favorite books:

1984, breaking open the head.

favorite video games:

COD MW2, Mario kart 64, Super smash brothers, Hitman, Counterstrike 1.6. Portal.

favorite nine inch nails album/song:

Gotta love the fragile but it has some tracks i dont enjoy. The downward spiral is the bomb through and through. I always feel so pumped when i listen to that cd. Until i get to hurt. Then im all mellowed out by then.

favorite sexual position:

Head down ass up thats the way i like to fuck.

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