is a 27 year old free spirit trapped in a prison of social conformity from California.

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name: Brett

age: 27

gender: Male

location: California

orientation: Straight

occupation: Engineer

religious views: 46 and 2 is just ahead of me!

aim: eulogy46a2


Guitar and Art

favorite music:

NIN, Tool, Soundgarden, Kyuss, APC, Smashing Ps, Deftones to name a few

favorite movies:

Fight Club

favorite tv shows:


favorite books:


favorite nine inch nails album/song:

Album: Downward Spiral, Song: Last, Eraser, Mr. Self Destruct, Somewhat Damaged, The Way Out is Through, are the top ones but they all have a special place D:

favorite sexual position:

Upside down balancing on one hand blind whatever