is a 31 year old male.

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name: dolemite

age: 31

gender: Male

orientation: Straight

relationship status: Happily married

political views: Conservative

religious views: Christian

email: spammers-looking-4-addresses-c@screw-you


30 years old, married. I'm working on a second master's degree and plan on eventually heading to phd school. I'm from the rural south. I got into NIN way back in the very early 90s, in the pre-"Broken" days when I heard "Down On It" on college radio. I play some guitar, but I don't get to very often anymore. If you want to hear my amateur skills, here's my cousin and I playing around on guitar: and my band back in college: --I'm not the singer. Nowadays, I normally write fiction to get out my creative side.


playing music, gaming, fitness, books, fishing, etc.

favorite music:

NIN, U2, Skillet, Arctic Monkeys, Plankeye's Commonwealth CD,

favorite movies:

Sci-fi, ridiculous comedy, some drama and artsty stuff.

favorite tv shows:

Arrested Development. Red Dwarf. Chuck. The Office. Battlestar Galactica

favorite books:

Kafka's The Trial

favorite video games:

Halo, KOTOR, Elder Scrolls series, Mass Effect, F.E.A.R. (part I), classic Zelda and Mario, most any decent RPG.

favorite nine inch nails album/song:

Just Like You Imagined, Into The Void, Every Day Is Exactly The Same, Vessel, The Warning

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