is a 33 year old jedi master from Eugene .

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member since: 12.16.11

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name: Dfxtive Music

age: 33

gender: Male

location: Eugene

orientation: Straight

occupation: Producer/Musician/Engineer/Designer

email: dfxtive@gmail.com

website: http://dfxtive.bandcamp.com/

skype: dj_dfxtive



D·fx·tive - Adjective /diˈfektiv/ Imperfect or faulty, Mentally handicapped, Lacking or deficient, Not having all the inflections normal for the part of speech. Music - Noun /myoo-zik/ The mechanical wave that is an oscillation of pressure transmitted through a solid, liquid, gas, and also food. e.i... Nonverbal communication transmitting threw sound at 112ft/s.