is a 35 year old gentleman from Istanbul Turkey.

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name: Sender

age: 35

gender: Male

location: Istanbul Turkey

orientation: Straight

relationship status: Divorced

occupation: artist

political views: Liberal

religious views: Muslim

email: metpinarci@hotmail.com



Hello I am Sender / pinarci . I was born in Istanbul in 1973. My first NIN experience was in a club called Medusas, north side, Chicago. I thought I need to get that K 2000 from Guitar center So I be just like Trent , thank you.


Photography , long walks , Istanbul , end of the world

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favorite movies:

Ferris Bueller's Day Off

favorite tv shows:

race for space at bbc

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Masters of deception , angels for dummies

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bbc Elite , Starfox , Ocarina of Time, parsec 47

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