is a 32 year old female from Liege, Belgium.

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name: Stef

age: 32

gender: Female

location: Liege, Belgium

orientation: Straight

relationship status: Happily married

political views:

religious views: Agnostic


Music, Movies, Travels,My family

favorite music:

Punish Yourself, Front 242, Joy Division, Combichrist, Bauhaus, Olen'k, Emilie Autumn, The Cure, Y.E.R.M.O, MONNO, A Perfect Circle, Tool, Florence & the machine

favorite movies:

Danny The Dog, The Crow, Silent Hill, I'm a Legend, Magnolia

favorite books:

Antécrista, Attentat (Nothomb), Borderline (Labrèche), Geisha (Golden), L'Alchimiste (Coelho)

favorite video games:

Resident Evil

favorite nine inch nails album/song:


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