is a 29 year old female from Leiden the Netherlands.

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name: Carowithteeth

age: 29

gender: Female

location: Leiden the Netherlands

political views: Green

religious views: Agnostic


favorite music:

TOOL, A Perfect Circle, Nine Inch Nails, Placebo, Opeth, Depeche Mode, U2, Oceansize, Autolux, Interpol, Deftones, Auf der Maur, Elbow, Porcupine Tree, Killing Joke, Tears for Fears, Apocalyptica, Gotan Project, The Cure

favorite movies:

Romeo+Juliet, The Matrix, Gattaca, Perfume, Labyrinth, The Dark Crystal, Fight Club

favorite tv shows:

Star Trek Next Generation, ER, Felicity, Grey's Anatomy, LOST

favorite books:

Gaiman, Tolkien, Goodkind, Murakami, Pullman, Austen, Rice, Martin

favorite nine inch nails album/song:

The Fragile

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