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I was borne in 1969.time flies dies in transit . Am mostly normie aside from my sobriety:)a writing [I like writing in blue pen 'cept some nice writings gone:)'Lovestruck' /Ordained//Bottlerocket & Sparkeler. //////Shale of 2007-If Only For A Friend- O' to dance to the click of a pen.a solute friend. Defrosting the ink from the anchor like fire. Castantettes of silence after champagne fireworks to ?dry yesterdays slip, and dry.metaphysical gratis of a wet pen to appease supraphysical disturbance. the unknown twitch of a dog or cats ears, no more. The supraphysical peace of floating playful lights gone to a war of self. to dissipate the whispering knaw with a knack. O' thank you castanette for dancing my day yet O' how loniliness begs. like finding rainbows in the oil of time. ....bleeding. If only a friend..did it seem a gamble when the raise was see you once one is pleased to still be alive, at once true love dissipates the gambeling survive. i invented this word mongst others a while back it's really nice' secrate: dignity. from when~~~Sometimes I miss Kurt Cobains image.It was the first time I'd ever seen an image of anyone, bigger than a dream... He was so mad when that love missed in 2007. His image was huge. he frustratedly sliced a watermelon in half in my devastated night sky (gives me confidence to stay juicy). I hadn't listened to rock n' roll music in six years. When his band made the not so recent cover of Rolling Stone magazine we had laughings together. I guess he's busy elsewhere, I am blessed to have had him visit my space and time. he went from highlight of sunshine gold black magenta and blue to blues whites an sunshine gold with highlight of black. almost fleshen after the Rolling stone magazine cover. %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% Astralwerks[Spiral;creating contingency's that shouldn't exist. The past isn't now. Lust doesn't ring of pauper. years to go.....a passive moment is just me reaching me for suspended time. We matched in dress so...Spiral creating stories of incompetency. O' these stories aren't today. And shouldn't have been on lifes pathway true....Free Now Anew day Anew life. Spiral wouldn't you tame your intricacy's of origin love shouldn't be stolen upon. Life so playful in your mean. Days I don't quite condone. The past isn't now. I'm clean.....Lust doesn't ring of pauper. O' spiral free now of creating contingency's that shouldn't exist.^^^^^^^^^^^^Unfettered:good times help bad times go away.I wouldn't suffer bad times with a higher love.we'd be talented in laughing .tv consciousness away. it'd be our game dissipating lack of reason with laughter set in good times and understanding.we'd never allow bad times with our lite of laughter, our consciousness of reason. another writing]*Missing Link*May she'll wake someday, or he'll wake her from her slumber.she caught trees in their leavening no one can find her now. she's sleeping into the wings of fortune having basked in standards for so long. the tale of sunlight has her, someday he'll wake her if only for the gold necklace to have a new life.


being over mentioning not noticing my username was used late. It was used on the first page of anew appreciation, i don't highlight i use :)'s. I guess i wrote in startle somewhat thereafter.maybe a firendly mod will forgive me, and I can say HI normalish

favorite music:

nin for meta and(supra) paraphysical psychology.Nirvana for parental psychology. and random stuff

favorite movies:

poets walk and few.

favorite books:

reflexology books, the Tao Te Ching & Lao Tzu & an eat healthy book. I like the word heirophant defined as : ability of intuitiveness above and through the word heirarchy above so below they say.

favorite video games:

one called semblance

favorite nine inch nails album/song:

Hesitation Marks is brilliant.

favorite sexual position:

being a sexologist.

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