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occupation: inventor of Generations doesn't exist

political views: essentialist of conscience.

religious views: listening past the fiction..



I was borne in 1969. Am mostly normie aside from my sobriety:)a writing [I like writing in blue pen:)Bottlerocket & Sparkeler :Acorn To Tree: The swirl of you saying goodbye like the death of cascade of swirling autumn leaves. the mud of my pen doesn't quite let go of you. Art thou doesn't ordain itself so often. And save what love you windswept. It's juste the oil,a butterfly like you may have needed. you should have known my power setting you quietly like your goodbye...normal really,without you......and finding you swirling for life in my caven. doesn't seem so ordained even though my mud still tints of you..Yes thou art doesn't ordain itself so often.As if we were in a squirrel life, butterfly plant an acorn. if only we can have exchanged voices I wouldn't have wanted to destroy the angels that we were. maybe if we had trusted standards I wouldn't find your ashes in my lair gone dinky. and roses wouldn't look so vivacious./////// a different writing: Soul Of Time: a friend said let n'ot the sky of love escape you.Seeking valor at first show of gray some find a piece of shale and call it gold. knowing it's shale.I met this author...the trigger of a pen is mightier than the sword. the pen gives life in a way a sword never could. especially if one 'reads with higher conscience./////consistency midst the adult temporal is defined as..quality. in the name of integrity evaluation of self never sickened the valor seeking friend it's pen was a dictophone of variable shale.


logistics.the study of reflexology. spending time pens and paper destroying emotional debt. loyal to words and the creation of words. I like the words,authenticate(icity),solute,essentialist (ism), beget, begotten, behest & beleave lately.

favorite music:

something from nothing. lately I like the lyric

favorite movies:

poets walk and few. i'm glad NIN taste was invited into cinema, so often soundtracks demand emotional/ guidance, juste me laughing in the theatre of NIN ascenscion talent. funny seeing a movie for the taste.

favorite tv shows:

wikipedia : giggling of Francois Rene de Chateaubriand the portrait they show looks too near sir Reznor & Very Very smart too ..can makes one meander to think of previous lifetimes, he liked juliette recamier interesting too.

favorite books:

reflexology books:kinda the Tao Te Ching & Lao Tzu & an eat healthy book. I like the word heirophant defined as : ability of intuitiveness above and through the word heirarchy above so below they say.

favorite nine inch nails album/song:

I like the philo behaviorist represent of nin a lot. H.M is brilliant.

favorite sexual position:

being a sexologist.

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