is a wage slave from ghosting around..

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location: ghosting around.

occupation: inventor of Thou Art doesn't exist.

political views: structurist absolutionist.

religious views: somehow 'listen' ning past the fiction.


lately this writing Declarative songish Constellation Ever Anymore: Alone yesterdays silences were heavenspent. Cannot cry for what is lost. Know not anymore ! for what has become has to be more. Cannot decide otherwise. Ever now. my life cascaded with opinion. chirrup !my death comes with faces some I haven't adored. .can have something. even though never had quite time for me. even though time doesn't escape me. .what became has to be more. these silences have hope eternal, And don't stay may I will greet you silences stay.....heaven spend more money on me. !what has become has to be more. myself wouldn't want anything less. Recognize ever for all time, anywhen will please love anymore this entrance of vacancy makes space. Heavenspent stay. ***************************************


click pens and paper destroying deficit. loyal to words and creation of benefice for words. Lately i like the interest of the words:Ample, Enamor, Quantitative, Qualitative, Alchemy, Quintessential,& Amor. );

favorite music:

of the flirtatious invitation of author autograph from 2007 a most beautiful man' A Writer' I sidewalked faintly away .stunted, the computer provided a picture in 2009 of the that day gee t'was Mr. Reznor scrips for flying ink and disbelief.

favorite movies:

poets walk and few. i'm glad NIN taste was invited into cinema, so often soundtracks demand emotional/ guidance, juste me laughing in the theatre of NIN ascenscion talent. funny seeing a movie for the taste.

favorite tv shows:

wikipedia, visiting here : looking up Francois Rene de Chateaubriand the portrait they show looks too near sir Reznor & Very Very smart too ..can makes one meander to think of previous lifetimes, he liked juliette recamier interesting too.

favorite books:

kinda the Tao Te Ching & an eat healthy book. I like the word heirophant defined as : ability of intuitiveness above and through the word heirarchy above so below they say.

favorite nine inch nails album/song:

I like the philotheosophisticabsolutionism represent H.M is brilliant.

favorite sexual position:

being a sexologist.

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