is a 30 year old gentleman from new york.

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name: alias pail

age: 30

gender: Male

location: new york

orientation: Straight

relationship status: Single and looking

occupation: electrical engineer, musician

religious views: Taoist




aim: kiddopail

msn: kiddopail



i'm in twi the humble feather and alias pail. my first concert i went to was the 94 self destruct tour. never stopped listening to nine inch nails. even now, nin has great relevance in my sonic world.


music, art

favorite music:


favorite movies:

edward scissorhands, planet earth, the way home, the explorers

favorite tv shows:

family guy, the colbert report

favorite books:

cai guo qiang: i want to believe, bram stroker's dracula

favorite video games:

mario kart ds

favorite nine inch nails album/song:

broken, fragile, downward spiral

favorite sexual position:

niagara falls, doggie, sidewinder, the pick me up, robo-rabbit

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