is a 25 year old wench from Sydney, Australia.

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name: Wowk

age: 25

gender: Male

location: Sydney, Australia

orientation: Straight

relationship status: Single

occupation: Academic (Psychology)/DJ/Music Journalist

political views: Fuck politics

religious views: Agnostic


Quantum physics, Psychology, writing, pretty much anything that gets my brain doing something

favorite music:

Metal (Doom/Drone/Death/Prog), Shoe-Gaze/Post-Rock, Industrial, Techno, House, Drum & Bass, Breakbeat, Dubstep, Glitch/Experimental/Noise, Hip-Hop, Funk, Soul, Ambient, pretty much anything that sounds like the person who made it put some thought in to it

favorite movies:

Shaun of the Dead, Black Swan, District 9, Closer, The Life Aquatic, The Game, Being John Malkovich, Major League, Juno, Scott Pilgrim vs The World, The Usual Suspects

favorite tv shows:

Dexter, The Walking Dead, Fringe, V, Sliders, How I Met Your Mother, Psych, FlashForward, 24, Lost, South Park, Family Guy, Futurama

favorite books:

Psychology books

favorite video games:

GTA IV is about the only thing left I enjoy playing. Or Mortal Kombat. I also just rediscovered Killer Instinct and Command & Conquer.

favorite nine inch nails album/song:

Album: Year Zero. Song: Last/Sunspots/Hyperpower

favorite sexual position:

To the extreme right and facing at a 73 degree angle to the wall

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