is a 26 year old male from Edmonton, Alberta.

rank: member

member since: 11.27.07

forum posts: 815

contributions: 0 remixes, 0 comments

age: 26

gender: Male

location: Edmonton, Alberta

orientation: Straight

relationship status: Single

occupation: Working on it

political views: Fuck politics

religious views: Fuck religion


aim: TabrisAgain



steam username: TabrisNIN




Music, video games, politics,

favorite music:

favorite movies:

Repo! The Genetic Opera, American Beauty, Ichi the Killer, Battle Royale, There Will Be Blood

favorite tv shows:

Rescue Me, True Blood, Attack of the Show, Daily Show/Colbert Report, Big Bang Theory, Breaking Bad, Weeds etc etc etc

favorite books:

Berserk, Death Note

favorite video games:

Silent Hill, Metal Gear, God of War

favorite nine inch nails album/song:

The Fragile/Still, Ghosts 13/22/28/34, And All That Could Have Been, Ruiner, The Day the World Went Away (all versions)

favorite sexual position:

The penguin

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