is a 35 year old free spirit trapped in a prison of social conformity from Toronto.

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name: Sara Solomon

age: 35

gender: Female

location: Toronto

orientation: Straight

relationship status: Single and looking, but certainly not here

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I'm a pedantic fuck, an esoteric breed. I have workiabetes. I have insomnia. I'm a control freak. I conform to non-conformists. I can eat a rubik's cube and crap it out solved. I was unpopular in school because I lived in my own world and always graduated top of my class. I'm ambidextrous. My areas of expertise include drawing, calligraphy, public speaking, jumping rope, baking, showcasing my histrionic side on stage, ranting with fancy phraseology & various other forms of nitpickery in a conceited & scholarly manner, as well as drilling holes in teeth and subsequently extirpating pulps. I have my grade 10 piano, but you won't catch me playing pieces from the Baroque era because it irritates me so much it blocks my asshole rendering me unable to shit. It irritates me whenever people misuse the subjunctive, end their sentences with prepositions or fail to use the subjective completion following any form of the verb to be. I elect to be the rate-determining step, which is why I typically work alone and hone as many skills as possible - nothing breaks my crayons more than relying on other people who slow me down, fail to produce to my standards or fail to follow through. I get my jollies provoking people. It amuses me when people insult me...I'm an unstoppable mutating virus. I am fascinated by Trent Reznor - he gets me closer to God. He is pure genius because he turned the entire universe into his bitch - perhaps by refusing to delegate (he's a one man band), perhaps because he has no qualms about shining the light on the ugly side of human existence... or perhaps because I actually notice when he subtly switches from a repeating 3/4 time signature to a 4/4 time signature super-imposed over a 3/4 time signature ...or perhaps because he challenges music norms by releasing his singles as free downloadable GarageBand files for fans to remix... or perhaps because he has won both Grammy and Academy Awards. This is why I consider him to be the most strangely seductive genius of our time. Otherwise, very few people intrigue me.


provoking people

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1. Closer 2. Discipline (beauty within remix)

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