is a 49 year old animal trapped in a human's body from UK.

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member since: 4.12.08

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name: P to the A to the N-T-H

age: 49

gender: Female

location: UK

orientation: Straight

relationship status: Married with children

occupation: Anything that can hold my interest

religious views: Money buys religion, religion steals money


I get bored, so bored... But when I am amused, I get very amused. Bi-polar more than likely, but inclined to be a bit more manic on the happy side.


Music and the gym ( combat , boxercise and pump )

favorite music:

Depends on my mood, but mostly anything I can jump around to.

favorite movies:

Thrillers, Action and the odd weepy one.

favorite tv shows:

Anything interesting, mostly crime drama though.

favorite books:

Vampire Chronicles, Sleeping Beauty Trilogy

favorite video games:

Rock band, Guitar Hero, Mario, Space Invaders

favorite nine inch nails album/song:

Too many, but "Still" is rather special

favorite sexual position:

You mean there is more than one?