is a 27 year old gentleman from San Diego.

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member since: 12.28.12

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name: Jer

age: 27

gender: Male

location: San Diego

orientation: Straight

occupation: Creative Writer

political views: Browncoat

religious views: Wizardry



I like to write things.


Writing, art (2D/3D) and music of course.

favorite music:

Nine Inch Nails, Depeche Mode, Tool, A Perfect Circle, Puscifer, Dave Gahan, Truckfighters, Mastodon, The Mars Volta (RIP), Etc.

favorite tv shows:

Dexter, Arrested Development, Firefly, Castle, Game of Thrones

favorite video games:

Star Wars Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight

favorite nine inch nails album/song:

[Album] With Teeth. [Song] Heresy