is a 28 year old cocksmoker from Greatest of All Belows.

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member since: 11.28.07

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name: Whoa...What?

age: 28

gender: Male

location: Greatest of All Belows

orientation: Mostly straight

relationship status: Single

occupation: Professional Bridge-Burner

political views: Professional Republican Assassin

religious views: We're ants. Not birds. We can't see the view

email: Danielx15one@hotmail.com

website: http://kingdomofback.bandcamp.com/releases



Art is only the search and never the final form.


oil paintings, songs, disillusionment, eggs

favorite music:

Radiohead, NIN, Muse, Coldplay, Mew, U2, Sigor Ros, APC, TV on the Radio, Amanda Fucking Palmer, Elbow....etc

favorite movies:

Fight Club Memento Full Metal Jacket david fincher, quentin tarantino, stanley kubrick, martin scorsese films

favorite tv shows:

californication, entourage, rescue me, weeds, and dexter

favorite books:

chuck palahniuck, dean koontz, stephen king, micheal crichton

favorite video games:

super mario bros on NES

favorite nine inch nails album/song:

Antichrist Superstar and that Drug song..it goes like.. i don't like the drugs but the drugs like..somethin somethin.....that one

favorite sexual position:

What doesn't fuck you only makes you harder