is a pirate from MA.

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member since: 9.19.08

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gender: Male

location: MA

relationship status: Happily married

occupation: Economic Consultant

political views: I like the puppet on the left hand.

religious views: Secular humanist




Cinematography, Photography, Music, the usual clownery

favorite music:

Should be obvious....

favorite movies:

Life Aquatic, A Serious Man, No Country..., Fight Club

favorite tv shows:


favorite books:

Moby Dick, Mother Night, Survivor, Cat's Cradle, Death is a Lonely Business.

favorite video games:

Limbo, CODMW2, SF2, FF2, Punch Out!!!.

favorite nine inch nails album/song:

TDS/ Non-Entity , Somewhat Damaged

favorite sexual position:

Are we in eighth grade still?

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