is a 32 year old alien from =(^.^)=.

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name: Gato

age: 32


location: =(^.^)=

occupation: i sell classes very cheap cause i'm obliged

political views: all politics, in a line, naked.. nice view

religious views: i endorse polytheism


"I ask for so little(...) Just fear me, love me, do as I say and I will be your slave." The cosmos smiled at me this year


everything i can build, interests me...what i can't build interests me too, so i learn how to build puzzles..but i loose interest, not long after it's, i need to be always doing new stuff, to feel any interest at all...grins

favorite music:

my heart beat, syncronized with the sounds the universe's facturies produce...i also like atmosferic osts

favorite movies:

what movies? if i'm lucky, i may sleep when i have free time

favorite tv shows:

i tend to fall asleep when i watch tv for more than an hour

favorite books:

my favourit books aren't the ones i have to read...but i do like that neil gaiman a lot and have other bedside table favourits..i like Jean Girard aka Moebius...the world will miss you a lot

favorite video games:

i have really bad luck with graphic cards

favorite nine inch nails album/song:

i can't pick an absolute favourit, but if there is such a song as a me song, that would be reptile, most definatly

favorite sexual position:

I'm sorry, but i haven't study this much for this fan aplication