is a 29 year old raver from South Africa.

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name: MrBriBri

age: 29

gender: Male

location: South Africa

orientation: Straight

relationship status: In a relationship

occupation: IT Admin

political views:

religious views: African traditionalist


blog: http://\



My Bio Signs seem to be Normal- for a DeadDude that is


music technology

favorite music:

I'm into electronic, metal, rock, hip-hop and industrial, including: Aesop Rock, Nine Inch Nails, Aphex Twin, DJ Krush, CunninLynguists, owl challenger, Ill Bill, Combichrist, robad pills, Futuristic Sex Robotz, Beastie Boys, MC Frontalot, Marilyn Manson,

favorite tv shows:

Boston Legal- Star trek- X Files

favorite video games:

Pacman, Konky Kong,Contra,Battle City, Mario Brothers :D

favorite nine inch nails album/song:

The Becoming, The Fragile, Exactly the Same Remix's

favorite sexual position:


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