is a hippie from Canada.

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name: Gif

gender: Male

location: Canada

orientation: Bisexual

relationship status: Single

occupation: Student

political views: Green

religious views: Fuck religion





I'm Иot a prophet or a stoИe age maИ, just a mortal with poteИtial of a supermaИ..


music, flaИИel shirts & loИg hair, biology, cooking, visual art, photography, philosophy, self expressioИ, soИgmeaИiИgs, your mom, your dad, collectiИg, suckiИg youИg blood.

favorite music:

GruИge, Иew wave, alterИative, québec music, gary Иuman, coil, bad religioИ, beck, miИistry, radiohead, maИy more

favorite movies:

Food iИc, social Иetwork, Source code, The IslaИd, iИto the wild, graИ toriИo, malcolm X, I love you maИ, InceИdies.

favorite tv shows:

M*A*S*H, the Иature of thiИgs, the booИdocks, fresh priИce of bel air, star trek: voyager,

favorite books:

La Route de Chlifa, I, Robot, SimoИ Says, The Иaked Ape.

favorite video games:

LegeИd of Zelda, AssassiИ's Creed

favorite nine inch nails album/song:

The dowИward spiral, brokeИ.

favorite sexual position:

idk maИ I'm extra virgiИ