is a 30 year old pirate from Honduras.

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name: ART2MS

age: 30

gender: Male

location: Honduras

orientation: Straight

relationship status: Engaged

occupation: Graphic Designer

political views: Fuck politics


steam username: ART2MS


Mexican, Grew up in Honduras, graduated in comunications and advertising, but worked in grapic desighn all my professional life.


music, anime, animation, videogames

favorite music:

NIN, Soda Stereo, RHCP

favorite movies:

300, Tron, FF7AC

favorite tv shows:

Married with children, The Simpson

favorite books:

Silmarilion, The vampire Lestat

favorite video games:

FF7, Street Fighter

favorite nine inch nails album/song:

With Teeth, Mr Self Destruct, we're in this toghether, and many more